Is Sensitive Skin Neuropathic?

Study in Dermatology journal suggests 1/5 of subjects test positive with quiz DN4  for neuropathy

Br J Dermatol. 2015 Apr;172(4):1120-1. doi: 10.1111/bjd.13466
Arguments for neuropathic pain in sensitive skin.
Saint-Martory C et al


Question 1: Does your pain have one or more of the following characteristics?
2.Painful cold
3.Electric shock
Question 2: Is the pain associated with one or more of the following
symptoms in the same area?
5.Pins and needles
Question 3: Is the pain located in an area where the physical
examination may reveal one or more of the following characteristics?
8.Touch hypoesthesia
9.Pricking hypoesthesia
Question 4: In the painful area, can the pain be caused or increased by:
Each number question “Yes” is one point – 4 or over likely neuropathic pain
I don’t like this scale as much because it relies very heavily on finding numbness; there are some cases with neuropathic level pains without numbness that could be missed but in this context of sensitive skin seems useful.
  • average scores 2-3 with 20% >/=4

Comment – does that mean people with sensitive skin are more prone to Fibromyalgia? Certainly, there is a high rate of Fibromyalgia among people with chronic urticaria.

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