Pseudofolliculitis cutis – ingrowing facial hair Treatments

Ok this is not a pain  condition but I wanted to put advice where patients can find it.

Pseudofolliculitis cutis: a vexing disorder of hair growth
T.J. Jasterzbski, R.A. Schwartz
British Journal of Dermatology Apr. 2015, 878-884

Suggested ideas(near verbatum):

  • grow beard
  •  guarded razors or electric trimmers that are clean and sharp ;ProGlide Power 5 blade shaver came out as best
  • shave in the direction of hair growth without stretching the skin;
  • wash the area with warm water and antibacterial soap before
  • use a generous amount of shaving lotion;
  • rinse the shaver with warm water after every stroke;
  • apply a post shave formula or moisturizer.
  • Depilatory agents as long as not irritate skin
  • topical retinoid in PM;  topical corticosteroid in AM
  • benzoyl peroxide 5%/clindamycin1% gel (Benzaclin) twice daily
  • NO electrolysis
  • Laser works but might cause hypopigmentation in dark (which are generally the more susceptible subjects)

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