Progress in Mastocytosis Diagnosis in Saskatchewan

After a talk with our provincial lab, serum tryptase levels will be allowed for select patients

Serum tryptase -a level over 20 ng/l Indicative of Mastocytosis – a condition suggested by

I wrote about it here: (sorry still needs work)
Is Fibromyalgia a Mast Cell Disease – like some “somatization diseases” such as migraine, TMJ, irritable bowel, and interstitial cystitis

Indications would include a combination of

– atopic diseases – multiple allergic conditions (asthma, hayfever and so on)
 – intermittent hives and/or anaphylaxia
– visceral hypersentitivity – manifest by severe irritable bowel, interstitial cystitis and chronic abdominal pains

Our local bleeding stations do not like taking the blood because it has to be fresh frozen.

For above situation, if you want it done in Saskatchewan, best you write indications “cleared by provincial lab” on the req. nike air max 97 nike air max 97

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