Smokers 1.5 times More Back Pain – Does Quitting Become An Effective Treatment?

This was a large Canadian study and results demonstrated “this association remained significant after controlling for sociodemographics and any lifetime anxiety or mood disorder.”  If smokers back pain dropped to normal after quitting, this would result in a 33% improvement. This is significantly better than the 20% some treatment can manage and might constitute a major objective for pain relief.

Addict Behav. 2010 Jun 23. [Epub ahead of print]
Chronic musculoskeletal pain and cigarette smoking among a representative sample of Canadian adolescents and adults.
Zvolensky MJ, McMillan KA, Gonzalez A, Asmundson GJ.  abstract here

  • 76,204 cases with no LBP; 16,042 with LBP


Comment – I find many treatments can give a 20% improvement. Theoretically, smoking cessation could give a 33% improvement. If this holds true in longitudinal studies, then smoking cessation might be a prerequisite for treating certain patients.

However, is it the smoking or the personality type it represents the main cluprit?

Excess Risk of Temporomandibular Disorder Associated With Cigarette Smoking in Young Adults
Journal of Pain In Press,2011
Anne E. Sanders, William Maixner, Andrea G. Nackley, Luda Diatchenko, Kunthel By, Vanessa E. Miller, Gary D. Slade  abstract here

  • found smokers 4 times as likely to have issues with TMJ
  • but “Adjustment for psychological profile, cytokines, and history of allergy-like conditions attenuated the effect by 45% to statistical nonsignificance.” 
  • Psychological concerns included preceived stress level,  anxiety, and depression.
  • This only applied to young TMJ smokers and not sure it relates to back pain

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