Pamidronate in Severe Knee Pain

Filling in my contention that pamidronate is very useful in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, is an older article using it for CRP of the kneecap.

Gremeaux V et al.
Ann Readapt Med Phys. 2007 May;50(4):240-3.
[Complex regional pain syndrome of the knee: early and beneficial action of diphosphonates on pain and function]. [Article in French]

All I have is an abstract:

“We report the case of a 24-years-old man with parcellar Complex Regional Pain Syndrome I (CRPS I) of the patella, responsible for major functional limitation. The diagnosis was based on physical exam and X-ray, in the absence of other articular or peri-articular diseases. The patient received two pamidronate perfusions over a week, with a spectacular decrease of pain, which allowed him to follow the rehabilitation program in good conditions. He was therefore able to go back to work. The place of this treatment in CRPS I is discussed.”

Comment – further contends that if you have a patient with inordinate pain (even a kneecap), pamidronate would be an option ( though if it was fresh, I would try steroids too)

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