Medial Knee Pains – in Adductors – What Can You Do?

Pain and spasm on the inside of the knee in adductors is not uncommon – – especially in the heavy set with stairs. A brutal stretch massage can relieve but takes effort and willingness of subject to deal with the pain.

  • The medial knee mass includes plenty of muscles – hamstrings in back and adductors and Sartorius in front.¬† It could be diffusely tender and appear impossible to deal with.

  • It is my conjecture that the muscles are inflamed and knotted and nerve coursing with them are micro-entrapped¬† One such nerve would be the branches of the saphenous nerve:

Technique I use is a brutal form of myofascial release.

  • I put Tuf-skin spay of latex gloves to get better grip (tincture of balsum would do)
  • I grab lateral inner muscle mass 6 inches above knee and pull it posteriorly.¬† Other hand grabs mass where it inserts on knee medially and pulls it forward. Grib it well and pull hard for count of 120 – subject will feel it hurt and burn but it often gives way
  • After, this is repeated pulling in opposite directions for count of 120
  • Then muscles are strummed to count of 120 with knuckles – mass will often give way through series of releases.
  • Mass is often much better to patient’s surprise. Residual pain localized to medial upper tibia will be a localized area of Anserine Bursitis. Otherwise, it will be better.

Interestingly, gentle stretching with kinesiotaping might do the same:

“As shown in Figure 2, the space-correction (lifting) technique was used to create more space directly above the area of pain and swelling. The increased space created reduces pressure by lifting the skin away from the injured site. Kinesiotaping was repeated three
times with a 1-week interval.”

Unfortunately, doing stairs will reactivate it..

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