Kinesio Taping May Reduce Post Thoracotomy Pain

Post thoracotomy pains have to be one of the banes of chest surgery occurring in high frequency. Now simple taping might reduce it.

Physiother Theory Pract. 2018 Jun;34(6):433-441.
Pain-diminishing effects of Kinesio® taping after median sternotomy.
Brockmann R(1), Klein HM

  • 23 taped; 16 controls

Technique verbatim:

“The fan-like drainage tapes were attached in a star-shaped manner on the participants’ chests below the clavicles and on the lateral thorax. The dimension of the tape was chosen to cover the largest area possible, depending on the patients’ body size (Figure above).
The tape was not sterile, so they could not be placed over existing bandages or wounds. The application pressure did not exceed 2 g and the tapes were attached without any extensions. The tape was gently rubbed as the acrylic glue is activated by warmth. Tape was replaced as needed stayed on the patients’ bodies until discharge.”

Pain results:

Comment – Needs to be replicated as no really adequate placebo group. nike air max junior nike air max junior

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