MRI’s Don’t Help in Post Hernia Surgery Pain Management

Though faith runs high in MRI’s – in Post hernia pain issues they do not help

J Am Coll Surg. 2009 Jun;208(6):1023-8; discussion 1028-9.
MRI and pathology in persistent postherniotomy pain.
Aasvang EK, Jensen KE, Fiirgaard B, Kehlet H.  abstract here

Post hernia problems must be high, as I get many hits for articles related to this. While researching MRI issues, I came across this article:

  • 32 cases MRI scanned
  • all they could find was
    “contrast enhancement in groin” ,
    Pathologic changes in the form of “contrast enhancement in groin,” “edema,” and “spermatic cord caliber increased”
  • there was poor inter-observer reliability and no useful information

Comment – what people really need with post hernia pains are selective nerve blocks to ilioinguinal (most common issue) and genitofemoral nerves. Now ultrasound guidance make this more easily localized.

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