Could Marijuana Help Headaches?

With Medical Marijuana,  migraine frequency dropped from 10.4 to 4.6 headaches per month.

Effects of Medical Marijuana on Migraine Headache Frequency in an Adult Population
Danielle N. Rhyne, Sarah L. Anderson, Margaret Gedde, Laura M. Borgelt
Pharmacotherapy in press 2016

  • Recent study found evidence of endocannabinoid failure in chronic headaches:
    Sarchielli P, Pini LA, Coppola F, et al.
    Endocannabinoids in chronic migraine: CSF findings suggest a system failure.
    Neuropsychopharmacology 2007;32:1384–90.
  • Present study refers to 5 case study where cannabinoids found helpful:
    Mikuriya TH.
    Chronic migraine headache: Five cases successfully treated with marinol and/or illicit cannabis. 1991.
  • Results are not very elegant but here they are:
  • Side effects include:marijuana_side_effects

Comment –

  • Here, Marijauna goes for $7-10/gram. One could use 1 gm/day vaporized to 3 gm/day orally. This could be expensive and our Bible Belt province will not cover it even for palliative care patients.

I will add it to my list of measures for hopeless cases not responding to meds-  which includes;

  • Ketamine shots:
    J. Krusz et al
    online poster at:
  • Repeated nerve blocks:
    Quick Fix For Headaches – Repeated Nerve Supraorbital, Infraorbital, and Occipital Nerve Blocks – and What To Do For The Very Bad
  • Botox:
    Chronic Migraines – Botulinum Helps.
    botox into facet joints helps as well
  • Working neck muscles and joints.
    Neck Pains From Atlanto-Occipital Joints Neck Treatment For Headaches
    needling lower trapezius for one sided headaches:
    I also use an activator front and back to loosen joints
  • I have recently made up 15% mannitol and 5% lidocaine HCL in alcohol hand sanitizer with some topical relief to localized point occipital nerve pain and frontalis area pains
  • I teach patients with a headache to put and press:
    – put thumbs immediately in front of ears just above jaw joint (open and close mouth to tell
    – have fingers meet at back skull on occipital ridge
    -after 6 minutes of pressing 50-100% headaches will remit;
    Finger pressure can relieve many migraine headaches.
  • Stopping opioids is ideal because up to 1/2 of chronic headaches will improve but not feasible in some of my patients.


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