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Nocturnal Rib Impingment

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More Painful Bladder Syndrome Non-invasive Treatments

I have painful bladder victims that do not want instillations – multiple allergies that would make infections impossible to treat is one issue. There are some other options mentioned in a recent review that are not common.

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Benign Positional Vertigo? – Modified Canalith Repositioning Maneuver (CRP)

Effectiveness of Treatments for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo of the Posterior Canal Helen S. Cohen, Kay T. Kimball Otol Neurotol  26: 1034–1040, 2005 Modified  Canalith  Repositioning  Maneuver  (CRP)  technique: The head was held in each position as follows: The subject … Continue reading

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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Help – Biotin (Vitamin B7) High Dose – and What More Could You Take?

In MS cases, 1/6 noted clinical improvement over 2-8 months with Biotin 300 mg/day This is exciting not just for the improved people but potentially for a group that might not further deteriorate. Suggestion was to take 100-300 mg/day which … Continue reading

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Pseudofolliculitis cutis – ingrowing facial hair Treatments

Ok this is not a pain  condition but I wanted to put advice where patients can find it.

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Headache Just At Night – Try Indomethacin

Hyponic (night only) solely headaches are uncommon. In some ways they are distinct from migraines as the drug of choice is Indomethacin 50 mg twice daily.

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Chronic Scrotal Pain Algorithm

Chronic scrotal pain can be an enigma – this new article gives detailed options for investigation and treatment. I have spent a great deal of time trying to give a clear view for people –  let me know if you … Continue reading

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Pain and Depression – Consider Brain Inflammation With Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) – and What About Brain Aging

  Prior, I published a belief that depression in some cases was a manifestation of chronic pain for which ketamine could temporarily block. In this 21 page article they make clear connections between brain cytokine inflammation especially TNF (Tumor Necrosis … Continue reading

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Vulvodynia in Young Can Be Helped by Treating Hip

6/7 women aged 20-29 with vulvodynia and hip pain experienced significant relief by having therapeutic arthroscopy for hip femeroacetabular syndrome. None of the 19 older cases sustained any benefit.

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New Treatment for Scabies – and even bad Rosacea, Blepharitis, and Scalp Folliculitis

Scabies has become increasingly resistant to Nix and Kwelleda leaving people with attempts to get Ivermectin orally by emergency release from the US (not easy – they kept sending me repeated letters with more questions to answer). It is easy … Continue reading

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Are You Sick of Health Web Sites?

I am sick of health websites that: – don’t give links to what they discuss – are filled with commercial ads – make you go though multiple pages, each with various ads – just repeat what you see elsewhere. It … Continue reading

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Autosomal Dominant Polycystic kidneys – avoid or keep Estrogens to low dose

Recent review of Polycystic Kidneys states “Because of the proliferative effect of estrogen on hepatic cysts, oral contraceptives containing estrogen and menopausal estrogen therapy should be administered at the lowest effective dose or avoided in patients with ADPKD (autosomal dominant … Continue reading

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Serum Lipase Should Be Test For Pancreatitis

Serum lipase has a sensitivity of 91% while amylase had sensitivity of 61%. Specificity was 92% for lipase and 93% for amylase.  Testing lipase and amylase together changed sensitivity very little – was 93%.

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Bell’s Palsy Treatment Algorithm

Latest algorithm suggests you make sure of diagnosis Use of antivirals doesn’t work Prednisone 1 mg/k x 7 days (why does one need to taper though?) useful

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Drugs for Diabetic Neuropathy

 Should we believe these results?  A study on treatment for diabetic neuropathy pretends one treatment is better than onother because on group starts with more severe pain than the other then claims each treatment can virtually eliminate pains with 7 … Continue reading

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Welcome to Painmuse

GOOGLE TRANSLATE NOW ANY LANGUAGE ———————————————>   I have a program that tracks where users are from – pain is worldwide: Thanks admin  

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“You earn money by suffering pain” – Sickening Commentary of Some Jobs

Interviewing immigrant poultry processing workers re carpal tunnel syndrome – comes up with simple belief – these workers knew that their work cause painful carpal tunnel but persevered to support their families. The repetitive cold working conditions fostered this condition. I have … Continue reading

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Reaching “Critical Mass” to Achieving Pain Control – Procedure Pearls

I have recently achieved (previously unattainable) control in some of my chronic pain subjects using recent innovations – but to acheive this required use of multiple modalities at once.

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Flossing Saphenous Nerve For Saphenous Neuralgia

saphenous neuralgia is not uncommon – here is how to free it up (floss it)

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Could Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Be Prevented by Supplements Used to Prevent Alcoholic Neuropathy?

B12, coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E have amiolorative effects on Alcoholic Neuropathy – could they help prevent some brain damage brought on by drinking?

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Antidepressants Just Don’t Work on Descending Inhibition

Neurobiol Dis. 2013 Dec;60:39-50.Antidepressants suppress neuropathic pain by a peripheral β2-adrenoceptor mediated anti-TNFα mechanism. Bohren Y, Tessier LH, Megat S, Petitjean H, Hugel S, Daniel D, Kremer M, Fournel  S, Hein L, Schlichter R, Freund-Mercier MJ, Yalcin I, Barrot M. … Continue reading

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Autologous Whole Blood Almost as Good as Platelet Rich Plasma in Chronic Tennis Elbow – And Alot Cheaper

Went to recent program that stated that though there were studies that showed no difference – there was one that did when injecting Platelet Rich Plasma versus using once spin down plasma (Autologous Whole Blood) The improvement was only statistically … Continue reading

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Would Small Amounts of Lithium Help the Brain- Maybe

In Lancet 2000, it was found that there could be a 3% increase in grey matter with 1 month of of lithium therapy. Sadly, it is not that easy. Some say it would take 300+ mg/day to do anything though … Continue reading

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Parkinsonism – Low Vitamin D Common and Makes It Worse

Vity D deficiency was seen in  in 17.6% of patients with Parkinson Disease versus 9.3% of controls. Deficient cases had higher parkinsonism severity ratings.

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Dyspnea Scale

Simple tool to use in hospital.

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