Testosterone Effective in Widespread Pains/ Fibromylagia

I have tested testosterone levels in my chronic pain female patients and found none of them had any detectable levels; they should have some. Supplementation helps.

Gender change therapy can effect pain levels and supports contention androgens help pain:  incidence of pain was decreased in female-to-male transgender individuals treated with androgen, and increased in male-to-female transgender individuals whose serum testosterone levels were lowered :.
A.M. Aloisi, V. Bachiocco, A. Costantino, R. Stefani, I. Ceccarelli, A. Bertaccini, et al.,
Cross-sex hormone administration changes pain in transsexual women and men,
Pain 132 (Suppl. 1) (2007) S60–S67.

White, Hillary D., et al.
Treatment of pain in fibromyalgia patients with testosterone gel: pharmacokinetics and clinical response.
International Immunopharmacology 27.2 (2015): 249-256.


The gel used for this study was a 1% w/w testosterone gel, USP
grade. The daily gel dose applied to the lower abdominal skin was
0.75 g of the 1% w/w testosterone gel – that would be max 0.75 mls though likely less as gel more weight than water.


One patent study found it useful in chronic pain and got near identical rates of pain improvement:
Transdermal gel compositions containing testosterone and their use for the treatment of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, muscle pain or decreased libido
Robert Gyurik, Hillary White
European patent publication number EP2000143 A3

Comment – doses are small compared to men so don’t have to worry about cardiovascular effects. I use testim 0.2-0.5 mls daily (I measure out a first dose for patient to see and they use the same size daily thereafter). Is an easy option nearly always missed. A similar hormonal option would be HCG which I discussed previously:

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) Touted as Only Curative Agent For Pain That Has Centralized

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