Chronic Pain – Doing One Thing at a Time to See What Works is Silly – Need For Critical Mass

Even Opioids, if placebo is removed, can only give you 1/10 reduction in pain. Want to push it for more?  Well, I suspect some opioid deaths are included here. From what I have seen, various approaches ( Tai Chi, acupuncture, Cognitive- behavioural, exercise, journaling,etc) can do some effect in studies but only help temporarily or a bit because of human nature and poverty. Can’t afford long term CBT or acupuncture, quit exercise in cold weather etc.

People who do well do several approaches at one. Doing that will allow you to reach what I call critical mass. Once you reach a certain point of betterment, improvement is much more than can be expected from the culmination of the three – you reach critical mass and improvement in activities of daily living flourishes.

People who try one thing at a time often say it didn’t help that much and end up being discouraged. Don’t do that!

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