Bruxism with Antidepressant SSRI’s -Quetiapine Helps

Usually when subjects brux (teeth clench) of antidepressants, one has to stop antidepressants as the alternative is higher dose clonazepam (1 mg)
Bruxism – How do You Treat Besides Splints

Quetiapine 25-50 mg helps considerably as well.

Zandifar, Atefeh, Mohammad Reza Mohammadi, and Rahim Badrfam.
Low-dose quetiapine in the treatment of SSRI-induced bruxism and mandibular dystonia: case series.
Iranian journal of psychiatry 13.3 (2018): 227.

“The cases were 5 patients who have recently been treated with SSRIs and presented with bruxism. Low- dose quetiapine (between 25 and 50 mg daily) was prescribed for the patients, and after a few days, they reported no bruxism and continued taking the medication. ”


Comment – Often subjects cannot afford to be off one’s antidepressant and quetiapine goes well with  antidepressants in helping sleep


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