Skin Nerve treatment in CRPS

Injecting skin nerves where constricted in the skin can significantly relieve pain in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – a secret as is only published as a letter


Thor, Ju Ann, et al.
Perineural Injection Therapy in the Management of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A Sweet Solution to Pain.
Pain Medicine 18.10 (2017): 2041-2045
letter so no abstract

  • Finding Chronic Constriction Injury (CCI) Points very tender along course superficial Nerves
  • 25G – inject 2-5 ml D5W
  • 1-1.3 injections per week
  • 1) Leg – medial and lateral sural cutaneous; saphenous cutaneous (see pic)
  • 2) Neck shoulder elbow – left medial, intermediate and posterior suprascapular cutaneous nerve CCI and left puntus nervosum
  • 3) Left ulnar – inject right medial antebrachial and ulnar nerves



Comment – put this up for crowdMed – hope they like it.

posterior leg nerve that could be involved include:

Comment  – finding skin nerves that could be constricted is easy- they are very tender and refer pain down


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