Moron Studies in Pain

Studies of too little, too short or too narrow a scope are associated with poor outcome and I am accumulating a list of poorly done studies as I am just fed up. I hope authors take note. I will take me awhile to go thru a compilation of studies I have.

A previous study found spironolactone helped fibromyalgia pains noticable at 4-6 weeks and still there at 11-13 months:

Breathtaking Option for Treatment Resistant Fibromyalgia

So present study:
Böhm, Ruwen, et al.
High‐dose spironolactone lacks effectiveness in treatment of fibromyalgia (RCT).
European Journal of Pain 25.8 (2021): 1739-1750.

decides to just do TWO weeks while prior study said changes seen at 4-6 weeks, What are they, morons?


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