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Persistent Heartburn Despite Meds – A Hypersenstive Esophagus Helped by Citalopram

Persistent esophageal symptoms (heartburn, chest pain, and regurgitation) despite ulcer meds –  could be the results of a spastic oversenstive esophagus that may respond to serotonergic agents – like antidepressant citalopram.

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Celiac – Hard to Diagnose

Recent talk at CAOM meeting clarified how difficult diagnosis celiac disease is – with an average diagnostic delay of 11.7 years – and some approaches that could help

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Women With Severe Irritable Bowel and/or Ovarian Cyst Pain May Have Something Else – and a Test For It

I have seen 2 cases of severe intermittent lower abdominal pain (both more left sided) with a background of lesser pains seen by various doctors with out relief and pain relieved in 1 minute – by pushing their inguinal hernia … Continue reading

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Unexplained Abdominal Pains & Problems – Could Be Hypermobility

In patients with unexplained abdominal problems referred to a tertiary centre, half had evidence of joint hypermobility syndrome (JHS). Though Hypermobility is noted for its relation to Fibromyalgia, it appears abdominal problems are even more likely  – something that would … Continue reading

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Progress in Mastocytosis Diagnosis in Saskatchewan

After a talk with our provincial lab, serum tryptase levels will be allowed for select patients

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Perineural “Tarlov” Spinal Nerve Outlet Cyst Pains – Overlooked and Treatable

I have a patient with multiple level cysts where the nerves exit the spine in the neck. He also has some mild foraminal stenosis. He is symptomatic with arm and referred upper back pain. Getting his problem taken seriously has … Continue reading

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Prior Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis and Now Told You have an Irritable Bowel – That’s a Bum Rap- Signs of Inflammation Persist

After remission of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, persistent symptoms often continue and are denigrated as Irritable Bowel Syndrome implying  that these cases have somehow now gone psychological. Now fecal calprotectin levels – reflecting pus inflammation in the bowel –  have been … Continue reading

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Is Fibromyalgia a Mast Cell Disease – like some “somatization diseases” such as migraine, TMJ, irritable bowel, and interstitial cystitis

WOMEN WITH FIBROMYAGLIA! NEED HELP WITH SURVEY, PLEASE CLICK HERE —————- Sorry – trying to change fonts has duplicated some areas… It is become increasingly clear that so-called “somatization” “psychosomatic” diseases are associated with abnormal concentrations of mast cells – guardians … Continue reading

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Do Probiotics Work In Diverticular Disease Pains ?

Answer appears to be yes according to one study

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Kids With Chronic Abdominal Pain Have Very High Rates Of Gut Bacterial Overgrowth

Using lactulose breath hydrogen test (LBT) to diagnose Small Intestinal Bacterial Ovewrgrowth (SIBO), 91% of children with chronic abdominal pain had evidence of bacterial overgrowth versus 35% of controls.

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Do Gut Germs Affect Your Mood and What Hath We Wrought With Newer Ulcer PPI Pills That Cause Bacterial Overgrowth?

Study from McMaster University Ontario found oral antibiotic treatment in mice resulted in changes in bacterial flora that increased anxiety-like behaviour. Gut Bacterial Overgrowth found in 50% of people on Proton Pump Inhibitor Ulcer Pills. Are these pills driving us … Continue reading

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Smoking Doubles Chances of Chronic Pancreatitis Problems

Even when adjustments made for age, alcohol consumption, prior acute pancreatitis and other factors, smoking comes out as doubling changes of chronic pancreatitis disease

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Cancer Intermittent Bowel Obstruction – Octreotide Injections May Work Well

Intermittent bowel obstruction during end of life is terrible with pain and vomiting. Regular self administered Octreotide injections given at first hint of trouble, controlled this problem.

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Hypnotherapy and Biofeedback For Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – and for Functional Abdominal Pains in Kids

Both Hypnosis and heart rate variability biofeedback are useful in irritable bowel and, in children and adolescents, functional bowel disease

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Renal Colic? – Try Desmopressin Nasal Spray Plus NSAID Suppository

Combination Desmopressin Nasal Spray (DDAVP nasal) and diclofenac Suppository brought prompt relief renal colic in 62.7% cases vs 30.7% in the group with suppository alone

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New Measures For Treatment of Chronic Pancreatitis – Anti-oxidant Micronutrient Therapy and Spinal Cord Stimulation

Combination of Selenium 300 – 600 mcg, Vitamin C 540 – 600 mg, Beta Carotene 12 – 54 mg, Vitamin E 100 – 188 mg, and perhaps methionine 1.6 – 2 gm can lead to considerable reduction in chronic pancreatitis … Continue reading

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New Hope For Uncontrolled Visceral Abdominal Pain

One out of eight people with abdominal pain are uncontrolled with medication. This can be debilitating and affect quality of life. 66 out of 70 people had substantial symptom relief with spinal cord stimulation.

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Patients with Irritable Bowel (IBS) Should Avoid Shift Work

Irregular hours are hard on people with IBS according to one nursing study

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Indigestion – when ulcers Pills don’t work – Think Nocturnal Bile Reflex – Helped by Domperidone

Chronic indigestion “dyspepsia” is a frequent medical problem and gets bad when ulcer pills fail to work. Now nighttime – bile reflux (regurgitation bile into stomach) may account for some. This is helped by agents that help bowel motility like … Continue reading

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Multiple Allergies, Hives and Abdominal Pain – Think Mastocytosis

I have seen cases of severe Irritable Bowel, combined with allergies and hives, that require multiple medications to control and are disabled from symptoms. These cases are discarded by gastroenterologists yet might represent a systemic disease called Mastocytosis.

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Got Crohn’s? – May Have Spine Arthritis Too

Recent MRI study of crohn’s colitis patients found 17/44 cases had evidence to sacroiliitis and 11 of these had back pain. HLA B27 is seen in 10% of the population. If present in any of the crohn’s patients (were in … Continue reading

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Irritable Bowel – Possible Missed Protozoan Disease With Treatment

It has been known for some time that bacterial overgrowth is a common cause/aggravation of irritable bowel. Now further concern Blastocystis Hominis and Dientamoeba fragilis infections are not being reported because labs are restricting their search for Amoebiasis and Giardiasis … Continue reading

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Bacterial Overgrowth causing Chronic Pancreatitis and Rosacea – New treatment? And, for elderly, a quick way to get rid of lactose intolerance

Chronic pancreatitis is a disease associated with recurrent abdominal pains, and malabsorption with possible steatorhea (fatty looking stools), bloating, intermittent diarrhea. A recent study found Small Intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) in 14/15 cases and suggested treatment would help those symptoms. … Continue reading

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Irritable Bowel (IBS) Involves Excessive Permeability of Gut Membranes

For years, IBS has been known as a “psychological disease”, an intestinal spastic disease, and a segmental hypersensitivity syndrome (nerves hyperirritable). Now there is increased gut permeability, particluarly in the diarrhea predominant form. This “leaky gut” creates an immune reaction … Continue reading

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Older Celiacs With Iron Deficiency Anemia Missed

20% of missed celiac cases are found after age 60 and present with iron deficiency anemia. The gold standard is duodenal scope and biopsy but this might not be the best place to be.

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