Renal Colic? – Try Desmopressin Nasal Spray Plus NSAID Suppository

Combination Desmopressin Nasal Spray (DDAVP nasal) and diclofenac Suppository brought prompt relief renal colic in 62.7% cases vs 30.7% in the group with suppository alone

Urology. 2010 Mar;75(3):540-542.
Assessment of Clinical Efficacy of Intranasal Desmopressin Spray and Diclofenac Sodium Suppository in Treatment of Renal Colic Versus Diclofenac Sodium Alone.
Roshani A, Falahatkar S, Khosropanah I, Roshan ZA, Zarkami T, Palizkar M, Emadi
SA, Akbarpour M, Khaki N. abstract here

  • Desmopressin Nasal Spray 40 mcg
  • Diclofenac 100 mg supp. – might be using indomethacin 100 mg supp here…
  • Replicated – another study got 72.2% relief with the combo

Comment – Would definitely cut down the need for painkillers and could be used at home by the patient. zapatillas air max zapatillas air max

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