Do Probiotics Work In Diverticular Disease Pains ?

Answer appears to be yes according to one study

J Gastrointestin Liver Dis. 2010 Mar;19(1):31-6.
Probiotics in diverticular disease of the colon: an open label study.
Lamiki P, Tsuchiya J, Pathak S, Okura R, Solimene U, Jain S, Kawakita S, Marotta F.  abstract
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  • 45 cases
  • scored (1) constipation, (2) diarrhoea and (3) abdominal pain.
  • given “SCM-III 10 ml t.i.d. (Microfl orana-F, Named, Lesmo, Italy. Composition for 100 ml: L. acidophilus strain 145 1.25 x 106, L. helveticus ATC 15009 1.3 x 109, Bifi dobacterium spp. 420 4.95 x 109 in a phytoextracts-enriched medium.”

Comment – looks good; wonder if this means prevents diverticulitis pulsera pandora pulsera pandora

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