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Neuropathic Features Seen In Osteoarthritis

Neuropathic faeture – electric shocks pain,  burning pain,, radiating pain with increased touch sensitivity to an area were commonly seen in joints.

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Knee Pain -Self Massage Helps

Article finds self massage can reduce pains potentially by 1/2. Massage instructions are free to anyone.

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Tissues Around Knee Contribute to Pains

For years, I have been working and injecting the muscles around the knee to promote relief from knee pains. Sometimes it makes a big difference; sometimes the joint line osteoarthritis is more important.  Two studies hi-light muscle issues  in patellofemoral … Continue reading

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Does Neuropathy Form a Part of Chronic Shoulder Pain? And Nerve Irritation the Basis to Some Chronic Knee and Tennis Elbow Pains

One dumbed down rhizotomy – 42 degrees centigrade pulse treatment to the suprascapular nerve going to the shoulder can give long term 50% relief of various forms of chronic shoulder pain. The ease of this effect (only one treatment) makes one wonder … Continue reading

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MSM for Knee Arthritis Disappointing by Self

Use of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) for knee arthritis barely reached significance and did not reach clinical usefulness by self – maybe better if combined with NSAID’s? 

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New Hope For Severe Knee Arthritis – Burn Nerves to Joint (Radiofrequency Neurotomy of 3 out of 5 Genicular nerves)

Article referred in press describes how radiofrequency to 3/5 of Genicular nerves could induce  over 50% improvement in 59% of cases over the 3 months followup.

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Knee Cartilage Meniscal Symptom Index

Four questions can improve accuracy of knee cartilage diagnosis

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Are Cold Knees a Bad Sign After Injury?

In a study of women with knee pains, colder knees on exam and thermography were associated with worse condition, suggesting they might be a mild form of Complex Regional Pain.

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Post Knee Replacement Pain – Needs Help

I got the following email: “I had knee replacement about 3 years ago, got along famously, no problems. Now I have severe pain at night and cannot sleep. It starts at my knee on the outside and extends up to … Continue reading

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New Possible Knee Arthritis Treatment – Subcutaneous Knee area Injection of Pentosan

Pentosan is marketed in this country as Elmiron, an agent that will help protect bladder lining from interstitial cystitis. Now question is, could knee subcutaneous injections protect knee joint lining and be a “disease modifying osteoarthritis drug (DMOAD)”. Open trial … Continue reading

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New Painkiller for Back & Knee Pains – Raloxifene (Evista) – a drug for Osteoporosis

There is a connection between osteoporosis and arthritis with arthritis settling in more in osteoporotic joints. Now an osteoporotic drug can not only help that but seems to have analgesic properties to back and knee pains if used regularly.

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New Chronic Pain Gene Identified – Beta2-Adrenergic receptor (ADRB2) – and Genes For Achilles and ACL Knee Ligament Problems

Using a British Cohort born in March 1958, over 8000 individuals were blood sampled and nucleotide polymorphism sequenced for ADRB2 and COMT (Catecholamine-O-methyltransferase), the latter previously implicated in pain genetics. Only ADRB2 of certain gene types were associated with increased … Continue reading

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Medial Knee OsteoArthritis (OA)- What Else Can You Do? – Unload it and more

Waiting for a knee replacement and the quality of life is poor? Most often the inner knee cartilage wears out first. Measures to take the load off the inner knee are helpful.

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Knee Pain After Hernia Surgery – Any Ideas?

I received the following message: “Very interesting read, i’m on 4 days after left side inguinal hernia repair with incision and mesh. No full anesthesia. 2 mornings after surgery, after waking up the 2nd time, the back of left knee … Continue reading

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Knee Osteoarthrtis(OA) – Arthritis Pills Don’t Work That Well -What Else?

A New England Journal Medicine article several years ago demonstrated that compared to placebo not much by pills worked well for OA knee. This leaves one looking for options.

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PatelloFemoral (Kneecap) Pains – When to Use Orthotics (foot supports)

Certain sore kneecap cases will benefit from foot orthotics.

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Steroid Joint Injection – Efficacy and Long Term Cartilage Effects

Are these legitimate arguments? 1) One shot should fix it and if it doesn’t then that’s it (I call this the “one shot wonder” attitude). I think the only person who could be sure to fix things at one go … Continue reading

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Knee Mensicus Tears – Accelerate Osteoarthrtis or Bistander?

A Recent Framingham study has demonstrated on MRI: By age 69, 50% have meniscial tears; it is more common in women 61% of these tears were asymptomatic In cases of Osteoarthritis, those with symptoms 63% had cartilage tears, without symptoms … Continue reading

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Knee medial collateral lig calcification painful

On occasion, pain and calcification of the medial collateral ligament is reported in symptomatic knee patients. This can be a treatable condition.

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