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Glial Cells Effect Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (in Mice Anyway)

Injection of wild type glial brain support cells into mutant OCD grooming mice helps abate the mice’ OCD some.

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What Can One Do For Low Glutathione Levels?

Gluthathione levels decrease by 10-15% per decade – what can one do to help this anti-oxidant?

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Chronic Severe Pain – For Gd’s Sake Don’t Forget Peripheral Pain Generators

I have spent my adult life treating peripheral pain generators in conditions where it is impossible to get the central generators treated (failed backs for example). It dismays me to see people told there is nothing to be done because … Continue reading

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People with Multiple Functional Somatic Symptoms May Had Defunct Pain Modulating Circuits

People with multiple sensitivities and somatic complaints may actually be experiencing untoward pains from what others would not find painful. Recent article finds this may be do to inability to muffle these sensory stimuli due to defunct pain muffling system

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Chronic Pain Can Cause Reversible Brain Damage

Brain damage in certain areas has been seen in chronic back pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Fibromyaglia, and so on. The question is whether the damage causes the pain or visa versa. In hip pain patients, the at least partial … Continue reading

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Attenuation of Pain After Spinal Injury May be Possible

Microglia spinal support nerves become activated after nerve and spinal injury an greatly potential the pain. Animal experiments show minocycline, a tetracycline antibiotic known to inhibit microglia, can reduce post spinal pain in animal subjects.

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Pain Inhibiting Circuits – Neuropathic Pain – Good Gone Bad?

Your body has a set of circuits to shut off pain – your endophin circuits, except in the spinal cord the endophins are called “enkaphalins” and are chemically built a bit different.  The pain inhibiting spinal circuits i.e. the “descending … Continue reading

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