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Shoulder Pain at Night – What Can You Do?

What can be worse than not being able to sleep because your shoulders are sore – what can you do? Am trying to put together a list. One author advises people to sleep on one’s back.

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New Treatment For Shoulder Tendonitis – Hyaluronate

In cases without complete tears, FIVE weeks of weekly subacromial injections of Hyaluronate was helpful.

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At Last Some Sense In Shoulder Injections – Three Shots

There have been so many articles describing how shoulder injections fail because they only give one shot. I call this the “One Shot Wonders”. These people would need a medicine man dancing around to get any results because my feeling … Continue reading

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Shoulder Joint Arthrtis – Don’t Forget Lubricants

Recent Review of Hyaluronate in Shoulder joint arthritis found it effectve for control

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Anterior Shoulder Dislocation – Putting It in Yourself

Recent article describes how to relocate your own shoulder dislocation using modified Milch technique

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Frozen Shoulder Simple Test – Coracoid Tenderness

People with frozen shoulders have more sore coracoids versus with rotator cuff tear, calcifying tendonitis, glenohumeral arthritis, acromioclavicular arthropathy and asymptomatic subjects

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Shoulder Pain Patient Needs Help – Any Suggestions?

Someone wrote: “I came across this while searching the web. I have bilaterial shoulder impingement, tendonosis, tendonitis, etc etc so they say. I have been in pain since 2002. I have had 2 MRI’s that show nothing. The surgeon says … Continue reading

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Unresolved Shoulder Pain – Look at the neck

Came across a good power point presentation of a case of shoulder pain not helped by surgery and how the neck should have been considered: Available here

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Resistant Shoulder Tendonitis Treatments

Having come across a case of resistant rotator cuff (supraspinatus) impingment syndrome, I have been looking for answers. Some treatments include:

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Calcific Tendonitis Shoulder – Puncture as Good as Puncture/Aspiration

Calcification seen in the Supraspinatus tendon with tendonitis is by tradition treated by puncture and aspiration of the calcific deposits. I never met anyone who did it.  Now, it appears just puncturing the deposit and steroid injection into the deposit … Continue reading

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Posterior Acromial Injections Need 2″+ Needles

Recent Study did injection by anterior, lateral and posterior portals and checked subacromial penetration arthroscopically. “RESULTS: The mean distance with anterior needle placement was 2.9 +/- 0.6 cm. The mean distance with lateral needle placement was 2.9 +/- 0.7 cm. … Continue reading

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Injecting Subscapularis – How

The subscapularis muscle is the key muscle in shoulder pain. It is strong and pulls the shoulder up to impinge “better”. It is a principle muscle involved in frozen shoulder. The best trigger / Botox injection would perhaps hit the … Continue reading

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Unresolved Whiplash? – Look for Shoulder Impingment.

11/220 cases of whiplash, examined medico-legally for non-resolution, had comorbid subacromial impingment, many of which had been missed. This adds to the growing legion of real problems missed in whiplash cases.

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