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Close is Close Enough in Steroid Injections of Shoulder

Just got back from a course showing how to give ultrasound guided injections so you can hit the right spot.  Now it appears you don’t need to be close at least for shoulders…

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Sodium Hyaluronate Injection For Supraspinatus Tendinitis Rotator Cuff

Both Hyaluronate Injection and physiotherapy work for isolated simple supraspinatus tendonitis though the former would be easier – but more expensive…

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Shoulder Impingement Much More Than Rotator Cuff – New Treatment Suggestion

A recent study showed diffuse muscle trigger knots about the shoulder in impingement syndrome, highlighting the fact there is considerable peripheral and central sensitization.  Measures dealing with this disease must deal with these issues.

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Shoulder Pain at Night – What Can You Do?

What can be worse than not being able to sleep because your shoulders are sore – what can you do? Am trying to put together a list. One author advises people to sleep on one’s back.

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New Treatment For Shoulder Tendonitis – Hyaluronate

In cases without complete tears, FIVE weeks of weekly subacromial injections of Hyaluronate was helpful.

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At Last Some Sense In Shoulder Injections – Three Shots

There have been so many articles describing how shoulder injections fail because they only give one shot. I call this the “One Shot Wonders”. These people would need a medicine man dancing around to get any results because my feeling … Continue reading

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Shoulder Joint Arthrtis – Don’t Forget Lubricants

Recent Review of Hyaluronate in Shoulder joint arthritis found it effectve for control

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Anterior Shoulder Dislocation – Putting It in Yourself

Recent article describes how to relocate your own shoulder dislocation using modified Milch technique

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Frozen Shoulder Simple Test – Coracoid Tenderness

People with frozen shoulders have more sore coracoids versus with rotator cuff tear, calcifying tendonitis, glenohumeral arthritis, acromioclavicular arthropathy and asymptomatic subjects

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Shoulder Pain Patient Needs Help – Any Suggestions?

Someone wrote: “I came across this while searching the web. I have bilaterial shoulder impingement, tendonosis, tendonitis, etc etc so they say. I have been in pain since 2002. I have had 2 MRI’s that show nothing. The surgeon says … Continue reading

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Unresolved Shoulder Pain – Look at the neck

Came across a good power point presentation of a case of shoulder pain not helped by surgery and how the neck should have been considered: Available here

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Resistant Shoulder Tendonitis Treatments

Having come across a case of resistant rotator cuff (supraspinatus) impingment syndrome, I have been looking for answers. Some treatments include:

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Calcific Tendonitis Shoulder – Puncture as Good as Puncture/Aspiration

Calcification seen in the Supraspinatus tendon with tendonitis is by tradition treated by puncture and aspiration of the calcific deposits. I never met anyone who did it.  Now, it appears just puncturing the deposit and steroid injection into the deposit … Continue reading

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Posterior Acromial Injections Need 2″+ Needles

Recent Study did injection by anterior, lateral and posterior portals and checked subacromial penetration arthroscopically. “RESULTS: The mean distance with anterior needle placement was 2.9 +/- 0.6 cm. The mean distance with lateral needle placement was 2.9 +/- 0.7 cm. … Continue reading

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Injecting Subscapularis – How

The subscapularis muscle is the key muscle in shoulder pain. It is strong and pulls the shoulder up to impinge “better”. It is a principle muscle involved in frozen shoulder. The best trigger / Botox injection would perhaps hit the … Continue reading

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Unresolved Whiplash? – Look for Shoulder Impingment.

11/220 cases of whiplash, examined medico-legally for non-resolution, had comorbid subacromial impingment, many of which had been missed. This adds to the growing legion of real problems missed in whiplash cases.

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