Frozen Shoulder Simple Test – Coracoid Tenderness

People with frozen shoulders have more sore coracoids versus with rotator cuff tear, calcifying tendonitis, glenohumeral arthritis, acromioclavicular arthropathy and asymptomatic subjects

Coracoid is bump under collar bone medial to shoulder

Int Orthop. 2010 Mar;34(3):385-8. Epub 2009 May 6.
Coracoid pain test: a new clinical sign of shoulder adhesive capsulitis.
Carbone S, Gumina S, Vestri AR, Postacchini R. abstract here

  • positive in:
    adhesive capsulitis 96.4%
    rotator cuff tear – 11.1%
    calcifying tendonitis – 14.5%
    glenohumeral arthritis 6.2 %
    acromioclavicular arthropathy – 10.6%
    asymptomatic subjects 2%
  • It hence has a sensitivity of 0.96 and a specificity ranging from 0.87 to 0.89.

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4 Responses to Frozen Shoulder Simple Test – Coracoid Tenderness

  1. Noela says:

    Well that is great, but how do you fix it.

  2. Lin says:

    coracoid ligament stretches are beneficial; results depend on how advanced the condition which is determined by degree of decreased active and passive range of motion; this is best assessed by a Physical Therapist or Chiropractor that includes therapeutic practices as the shoulder is complex.

  3. Bjorne says:

    I have this every night and mourning ibuprofen twice a night or when they believe me 3 10 s all day keeps this shiiit away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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