Anterior Shoulder Dislocation – Putting It in Yourself

Recent article describes how to relocate your own shoulder dislocation using modified Milch technique

J Trauma. 2010 Mar;68(3):620-3.
Patients education of a self-reduction technique for anterior glenohumeral dislocation of shoulder.
Dudkiewicz I, Arzi H, Salai M, Heim M, Pritsch M. abstract here

This technique is for repeated problems that have already been seen by a physician and worked up.

1) Lay down on your back with arm straight down on bed 45 – 60 degrees from side.

2) Turn so arm up as below (external rotated)

3) Keep tuning arm until hand on bed facing over head. –
4) Pull hand so arm overhead – abduction and external rotation

5) Keep Pull it up until all way up:

6) Push with other hand in armpit to maintain shoulder head in position while bringing elbow down.

Technique takes 6-17 minutes (average 10) and has a 97% success rate.

Sorry to have to use journal pics but can’t really do without them..

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