Persistent Hiccups in Cancer – 0.1 ml Vinegar Squirted Into Nose and What Else

Using vinager for hiccups is a Japanese folk medicine treatment. After testing in regular subjects for safety, 0.1 ml; of vinerger (4.2% acetic acid) was used in a cancer patient with persistent hiccups with effect.

Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. Vol. 54 No. 2 August 2017 p e2-e4
Intranasal Vinegar as an Effective Treatment for Persistent Hiccups in a Patient With Advanced Cancer Undergoing Palliative Care
Jun Kako et al

  • case advanced gastric cancer hiccuping for 5 days
  • there was some nasal mucosa irritation but nothing patient wasn’t willing to stand for given it relieved hiccups

Comment – Technique relayed to me by Dr. Janet Travell. originator of Myofascial Pain Paradigm:
– lift uvula with something (I use the narrow end of a spoon) – hold for ?20 seconds; does not have to cause gagging if done gently. Works well

Chewing a teaspoon of sugar is a sweet possible answer as well…

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