Do Pelvic Belts Help Back Pain? – Yes

Study on SI belts for pregnancy back pain found it reduced pain by 2/10.

J Clin Nurs. 2017 May in press
Pregnancy and pelvic girdle pain: analysis of pelvic belt on pain.
Bertuit J et al

  • 46¬† pregnant women with pelvic girdle pain
  • pain started 14-21st week
  • pain was an average of 6/10
  • using belt reduced pain by 2/10

Article used either  Рfound no difference in effectiveness

Ortel-P Thuasne maternity belt:- narrow and flexible.
LombaMum Thuasne maternity belt – wide and rigid with metal reinforcements

both can adjust tightness with velcro

  • 1/2 of pregnant women get back pain usually between posterior hip crest and gluteal folds by SI joints
  • often worse in evening
  • worsen with prolong standing, and walking though 1/2 found any activity worsens
  • often belts used for 2 1/2 hours 4 days a week
  • reduced pain maybe 40%

Comment – looks useful but I found an European supplier and they aren’t cheap. Any suggestions re belts?



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