Office Ketamine For Chronic Pain Poster

here is poster in pdf format:

Poster CPS 2017 ketaminefinal (2)

in word format:
Pilot Study


protocol was based on a project done in Texas:

Side effects are occurring with especially higher doses than I used:

Had one allergic reaction where an elderly lady had her tongue swelled and got painful though her airway was not affected and her O2 sats were good. Needed adrenaline and a visit to emergency. Confirms my practice of doing ketamine in the office and usually only after initial drowsiness improves, considered monitored use at home with a reliable partner.

addendum – I have one patient now being treated for chronic depression with intranasal ketamine: “at 126 mg once weekly (4 sprays in one nostril and 5 sprays in the other = 9 sprays).  I used 30 mg IM for a session which was about $7.00 which I absorbed into cost of visit. 126 mg would be 28 dollars/session plus cost of compounding it which would start to take it out of the price range of non-working pain victims… Until this starts to be covered by government programs, this could be a problem.

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