Electrodiagnostically, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Rampant in Diabetics

I have written how tarsal tunnel syndrome is commonly missed in Dabetic Peripheral Neuropathy:
Surgery For Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy – Another Option Not Available Here
Now it appears that Tarsal Tunnel syndrome enerve slowing is to be expected in Diabetes.

Incidence of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome in Diabetic Population – Redefining Topographic and Electrophysiological Correlates
R. Segura et al
IASP poster Montreal 2010

  • Used 40 m/sec as the end range of normal
  • Measured conduction from about 2-3 inches above medial malleolus
  • 90% of diabetics had abnormal findings

Comments – This will be one of the situations like helicobacter:
Prior – ulcers are due to stress, conflict and intense hatred issues. No way it’s an infection..
Now – Of course it’s due to infection of helicobacter pylori and hyperacidity.

Same will happen to diabetic neuropathy and tarsal tunnel – of course it’s not

 and give it 10 years then it will be of course it is. – Nerves in diabetic swell – so what do you expect… joyeria pandora joyeria pandora

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