Music Therapy in Chronic Pain May Drop Pains by 50% 0ver 2 Months

Program of twice daily 20 minute of specific music therapy dropped chronic pains from 6.3 to 3.2/10 over 6 weeks.

Effect of Music Therapy on Chronic Pain – a  Controlled Randomized trial
S. Guetinet et al.
IASP poster Montreal 2010

  • Music included various styles – classical, jazz, african, etc but involved specific pattern:
    – started with a stimulating rhythm
    – changed into a slow rhythm
    – ended with a moderate rhythm
  • Subjects were lying down with black eyepad covers
  • results were compared to lying down with usual music.
  • specific music treatment reduced pains by 49%;
  • usual music reduced pain from 6.3 to 4.8 – 24%

Comments – Poster is involved with a music company that I presume will be selling this. However, I can’t stop thinking it wouldn’t be to hard to put together something like this…

I’m impressed that the control group got a 24% improvement – a drop of 1.5 – they say any drop over 1 has some significance – so taking time for yourself 20 minutes twice daily has its rewards…

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