Benign Positional Vertigo? – Modified Canalith Repositioning Maneuver (CRP)

Effectiveness of Treatments for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo of the Posterior Canal
Helen S. Cohen, Kay T. Kimball
Otol Neurotol  26: 1034–1040, 2005

Modified  Canalith  Repositioning  Maneuver  (CRP)  technique:

The head was held in each position as follows:

  • The subject sat on the long side of the mat table.
  • The investigator turned the subject’s head 45 degrees away from the involved side and tilted the patient en bloc into a side-lying position through the coronal plane, with the nose pointing upward.
  • Ten seconds after the cessation of vertigo, the subject was tilted nose-down toward the uninvolved side and held there until 10 seconds after the cessation of vertigo.
  • Keeping the head turned toward the uninvolved side, the patient was assisted to sit up and remained in that position for 10 seconds after the cessation of vertigo.
  • This variation from the original description, eliminating the premedication and shortening the interval between head movements, is associated with significant reductions in vertigo

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