7 day Buprenorphine Patch Lanched in Canada

Purdue has released their 7 day patch painkiller – where it fits in remains to be seen.


BuTrans comes in 5, 10 and 20 mcg/hr

Product monogram is free here

In elderly with severe nausea, could be useful, but might want to start with just half the backing off and tape down with hypafix.

At the same time, Jurnista, a once daily hydromorphone has been introduced in Canada.

It comes in 4, 8, 16, and 32 mg. It has a 1:1 conversion from hydromorph contin and dilaudid

Other once daily medications include Kadian, a morphine, – it comes in 20, 50, 100 mg

Problem possible with long lasting meds is if you start to feel sick on them, you will be sick all day. Also I’m always worried that should someone flare that they panic and take extra 24 hour meds – which will kick in much later and end them up in ICU…


addendum – have case that got bad rash despite puffing area with asthma steroid inhaler prior. Other possibility would be Nucynta starting with 60 mg IR  1/2-1 and switching to long lasting as tolerate.

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5 Responses to 7 day Buprenorphine Patch Lanched in Canada

  1. Joe Manzone says:

    Is it possible to purchase Buprenorphine Patch in Canadian pharmacies? If so what is the cost?
    Only from doctor’s prescription…

  2. bell says:

    Are these patches are available at the pharmacies with doctor’s priscription? If so, what provinces in Canada? Realy need this information.
    They are available anywhere in Canada under trade name Butrans (not covered by plans so some pharmacies would have to order in). I find it particularly effectvie for elderly who can’t tolerate anything else (at the 5 mcg strength)
    see for Canadian info:

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  4. Paul Studebaker says:

    How do I find a pharmacy in Canadathat carries Butrans patches

    All Canadian pharmacies carry patch but they are prescription only, expensive, and generally not covered by government programs. I think they are great for elderly at low dose but obviously government would prefer people to go on the cheap stuff.

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