Vulvodynia Therapy Patient Resource

As a male doctor, I have trouble imparting all the info needed for someone with vulvodynia. Fortunately, Corrie Anne Goldfinger did her Master’s thesis at Queen’s University on the subject. It is available

free here (~2+ MB)

Since it is openly posted, I extracted the self help sections (16 pages) and have posted it as a doc file. This could be printed for patients or at least the link given….

There is a brochure included which was the hard work of Evelyne Gentilcore-Saulnier which I neglected to credit – good work there….
word file free here

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2 Responses to Vulvodynia Therapy Patient Resource

  1. Evelyne Gentilcore-Saulnier says:


    My name is Evelyne Gentilcore-Saulnier and I am really glad to see that our documents from the Goldfinger et al. 2009 study were useful! I hope these help numerous health professionals and women with recurrent vulvar pain in treating this condition.

    Is it however important to note that these documents are copyrighted and appropriate information and acknowledgements should be made on the documents. As the author of the pelvic floor brochure, I would like you to give appropriate credit; my brochure was reproduced in part and my information was not included.

    Thank you! Sincerely, Evelyne Gentilcore-Saulnier.

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