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Complex Regional Pain – What are the Features?

Criteria for Complex Regional Pain sydrome may be being relaxed with perhaps only 2 features being necessary and only 1 feature needing to be visible at any time.

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Does Vitamin K Have a Role in CRPS (Complex Regional Pain)?

Medical Hypotheses generated makes a case for that scenario

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Pamidronate Works Again – For Childhood Leg Pain – Complex Regional Pain

Pamidronate has been show to work in Complex Regional Pain – Often triggered by fractures. Now severe pain after a leg fracture was helped by pamidronate in a child

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Vitamin C Strikes Again – ?Prevents Post Surgical Wrist Complex Regional Pain and Obviously Post Foot/Ankle Surgery CRPS

Severe pain after trivial injuries or surgery has been a fearful hazard. Now Vitamin C has been shown to perhaps prevent pains after wrist surgery

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Immunoglobulin Infusion Improves Complex Regional Pain

Longstanding Complex Regional Pain can be incredibly difficult to treat. Now Immunoglobulin Infusions have been shown to drop pains scores by 1.55 units.

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New Hope For Complex Regional Pain Syndrome I – 5 days Magnesium Infusions

Type I CRPS is a vague syndrome of inordinate pain with variable – vague neurologic weakness or numbness features (unlike type II in which the nerve has definely been cut). Typical scenario is after a wrist fracture in patients with … Continue reading

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Pamidronate and Clodronate – hope for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (aka CRPS) and Back Pain

Pamidronate can significantly help over 3/4 of RSD and reduce chronic back pain through a series of simple infusions. It is expensive and because of a poorly designed negative study, has not reached full acceptance for the good it can … Continue reading

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Is Crushed Vertebrae a RSD? – New RX

It is not unusual to find asymptomatic compression fractures in the spine, while it has also been demonstrated that the same can cause disabling persistent pain. Now, with evidence of rapid pain response to IV Pamidronate, a drug found helpful … Continue reading

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CRPS – Peripheral endothelial dysfunction player

Evidence of microcirculatory endothelial dysfunction was documented in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome aka RSD. The peripheral changes could help trigger the central sensitization process.

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