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Looking for cheap and easy techniques to treat pain, I came across a treatment for back pain using the slump test.  Sitting with legs out straight and your feet flat against a wall, you slump forward and put your head down. If your back pain radiates into the buttocks this would suggest that your dural spinal lining is irritated and doing the slump regularly can “floss” free any adhesions and help the back pain..

Effect of slump stretching versus lumbar mobilization with exercise in subjects with
non-radicular low back pain: a randomized clinical trial
Amit Vinayak Nagrale, Shubhangi Pandurang Patil, Rita Amarchand Gandhi,
Ken Learman
Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy 2012; 20(1) 35-42

  • 30 cases in slump and 30 in lumbar mob and stabilization exercises
  • duration 15 weeks
  • took cases that had pain radiating to buttocks during slump test
  • long sitting, feet against a wall to maintain neutral
    dorsiflexion angle, trunk flexed  applied cervical overpressure to ensure a consistent pressure just at the onset of symptom provocation. Five repetitions of 30 second holds were performed by therapist tweice weekly.  Home was 30 seconds done twice. regularly at home.


Comment – Putting a scope into epidural space can find red irritated patches that correspond to the back pain when probed:
Will MRI Localize the Site of Back Pain? – Epiduroscopic Study Suggests No – What this means for Insurers

These red patches are often attached to dura and will help give a positive slump test. Doing the slump maneuver is so simple it is an exercise anyone could do. It seems to easy to be true..

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