Regina Chronic Pain Self-Management Eduaction Program Open to Public

At Wascana Rehab Centre on 23rd Ave., a chronic pain group meets. Formerly, it was only available through invitation from a rehab specialist. Now, it is open to the general public. Your doctor, or another health care professional, can refer you. Referral is to go to Adult Program, Wascana Rehabilitation Centre with notation “Refer to Chronic Pain Group”. Phone is (306) 766-5714. A fax number I have is 766 – 5901.The education program runs for 6 weeks and each session can run three hours.
There is one 3 hour session for family member to learn about chronic pain. [I think non-believers should have to sit on tacks for the three hours and explain why they simply cannot just ignore it…but the educators would be more professional than me…]
I hope to have more information later. Support like this can be very important to sufferers who feel no one understands. It will give you tools to cope.  Also may give opportunities to find out how others cope. Don’t miss this free opportunity… nike thea schwarz nike thea schwarz

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