Sedentary Lifestyle Only Weakly related to Chronic Back Pain – and Only in Women – Twin Study

Twin study found only a weak relationship between sedentary lifestyle and chronic back pain – and found it only in women and when corrected for genetics -was only weak.

Spine J. 2017 Jul;17(7):933-942. doi: 10.1016/j.spinee.2017.02.004.
Does sedentary behavior increase the risk of low back pain? A population-based co-twin study of Spanish twins.
Amorim AB et al

  • “There were 2,148 twins included in the cross-sectional analysis whereas 1,098 twins free of persistent LBP at baseline were included in the longitudinal analysis.”
  • No association of sedentary lifestyle and back pain in men
  • “sedentary behavior was slightly associated with an increased prevalence of persistent LBP in females but not in males.’
  • when genetics taken into account the association in women was even weaker

Comment – people with chronic pain are automatically labelled as weak, out of shape and so forth as a cause for their disability. There appears to be little evidence for that once genetics taken into account. To add insult to injury, chronic back pain sufferers are subjected to exercise regimens that may be only weakly associated with relief. For some this amounts to torture and when the drop out of the program, insurers use this as an excuse to terminate their coverage. This this despite a WCB case that concluded patients could terminate exercise program. (lancaster house has it listed). I call that a racket… maillot de foot pas cher 2018 maillot de foot pas cher 2018

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