What Should Patients be Advised Post Shoulder Injection?

  • 116 patients
  • Forty-one (35.3%) patients experienced post-injection pain. The mean duration of symptoms was 3.9 days.
  • At 6 months, 81 (69.8%) patients were discharged successfully and, at a mean of 23.2 months, did not require re-referral;
  • 29 (25%) had surgery; and six (5.2%) were referred for a spinal opinion.

Shoulder Elbow. 2017 Jul;9(3):188-194.
doi: 10.1177/1758573217693808.
The incidence of flare reaction and short-term outcome following steroid injection in the shoulder.
Fawi HMT  et al

Comment – people need to be advised things could get worse before they are better 1/3 of time lasting 4 days huarache soldes huarache soldes

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