Chronic Prostatitis – Are Gut Germs Involved?

People with Chronic prostatitis have much less diversity of gut flora and particularly lack Prevotella – enough so, researchers think it is a biological marker.

J Urol. 2016 Feb 27. in press
Analysis of Gut Microbiome Reveals Significant Differences Between Men with Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and Controls.
Shoskes DA et al.

  • 25 cases and controls
  •  “Compared to controls, 3 taxa were over-represented in cases, and 12 under-represented, eg, Prevotella.”

Comment – my chronic prostatitis cases all fail antibiotic therapy – particularly levofloxacin. I wonder if this gives differing results. huarache pas cher huarache pas cher

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