B12 Levels Might Be Important in Ketamine Response to Depression

Recent study demonstrated more favorable response to ketamine for depression if B12 levels are higher. I have been giving 1000 mcg/week IM and perhaps that is wise..

Pharmacopsychiatry. 2013 Sep;46(6):227-8.
Vitamin B12 level may be related to the efficacy of single ketamine infusion inbipolar depression.
Permoda-Osip A, Dorszewska J, Bartkowska-Sniatkowska A, Chlopocka-Wozniak M, Rybakowski JK


  • single infusion
  • “We estimated the serum levels of these substances in 20 bipolar depressed patients before ketamine infusion.
  • “10 patients responded favorably to this procedure, as their score on the Hamilton depression rating scale, compared to baseline, was reduced by more than 50%, after 7 days.”
  • “The vitamin B12 level was significantly higher in “responders” compared to the remaining patients.”

Confirms my use of B12 in depressed patients – I do think that injectable is needed as absorption can be poor (at least initially) maillot de foot pas cher 2018 maillot de foot pas cher 2018

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  1. tammy flockemann says:

    wanted to say i am a patient with varies of needs treatment wise and i must say that Dr.M.Montbriand can balance them all from sugar injections in my back to bipolar needs.
    the sugar injections also go hand in hand with my 2x a week B12 shots, and it has reduced a fair mount of pain in my back . i would say to a 40% reduction. it’s amazing what Dr.Montbriand has studied and researched so his patients will have a better life. i am very great full to his work.

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