Women Suffer More From Chronic Pain Than Men In Canada

As found in a Canadian survey, staggering proportions of people are suffering from chronic pain, and it gets larger as one gets older – and the women twice as much.

Chronic pain in Canada: do women suffer more pain than man?
J. Barcellos de Souza et al.
Douleur analg. (2009) 22:134-139 (in French)

Community Health Survey

the table below says it well:

  • The incidence of chronic pain in women is double that of men for any age
  • With age, 1/5 of men and 1/3+ of women are in chronic pain

There are lots of theories why that is including hormonal.

Any theories or comments?

I’d like to suggest that elderly women are in pain more in part because the elderly men in pain are more likely to have died of heart disease – of course osteoporosis and osteoarthrtis must figure into this big time as well. pagina oficial de pandora pagina oficial de pandora

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