Neck Pain Not Synonymous With Anxiety

Examination of a chronic neck pain group found no association of pain and anxiety – So don’t call them nuts!

Chiropr Osteopat. 2010 Mar 11;18(1):6.
Neck pain and anxiety do not always go together.
Myburgh C, Roessler KK, Larsen AH, Hartvigsen J. free article here

  • Though subjects had longstanding pain, their beck anxiety scores were normal
  • When patients were stratified as low and high pain, there was still no difference in their anxiety levels

Comment – heard of a case where WCB decided, because an injured nurse’s Xrays were normal, her pains must have been all in her head. Given that many neck problems are facet, one would not expect to see anything on Xray. However, the old concept is if you find nothing, they’re nuts does not go away. Now there is even less evidence people with neck pain are nuts.

The group involved might have been better copers that sought out chiropractic care and this study might have been biased. However, many pain studies are done on decompensated people in pain clinics that may represent the other end of the spectrum. Having said this, this study is for the nay… canada goose schweiz canada goose schweiz

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