Car Accident with Multiple Areas Involved – Here’s Proof

I get the impression some car accident victims get an eye rolling response to claims of multiple injuries. Here’s an example of low back and upper thoracic (high chest) back fractures while wearing a three point seat belt.

A Noncontiguous 2-Level Spinal Injury in a Young Female Driver Due to a 3-Point Seat Belt Restraint
Ali Nourbakhsh, Shashikant Patil, Prasad Vannemreddy, Donald Smith
J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2009;32:592-596

  • Hit and roll injury – seat belted and air bags deployed
  • L5 and T3 fracture- injuries:

  • All I can say is Ouch! –
  • Though I do note that the low back and interscapular areas are weak spots with three point seat belts.
  • If you get some some disbeleif you can have these areas involved, this at least shows it does.

I remember tellingĀ  a car insurance doctor that my patient had a piriformis problem following an MVA and getting a “that doesn’t happen” laugh response. Fortunately, I had a reference from Travell and Simon’s book that noted it happened in ?10% cases and to his surprise gave him the phtocopied reference on the spot. This is the sort of thing MVA victims are up against.

I feel for those who are up against an incredible wall of ignorance and are considered guilty because the xrays show no fracture…

Any comments?

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  1. Bruce says:

    After suffering significant injury with insurance interests (WCB) I was sent for Tiertary Assessment. Unknown to me, WCB sent the assessment team another injured workers X-ray report / Doctor report, I made specific complaint of severe pain. No diagnostic test was ordered, except X-ray which states, possible fracture, which is debatable. my complaint was refused any investigation. My physician stated to me he was sending my X-ray for 2nd opinion to specialist as the radiologist stated ONLY possible fracture, which was debatable. Several physicians requested specialist appointment which WCB non-medical claims adjuster refused. I was “Starved back to work by WCB” and suffered further injury which my employer deliberately lied to WCB stating, I said I didn’t report a new injury! My physician requested a specialist appointment and another assessment which WCB again denied. KEEP REPEATING this scenario ……1 year later Doctor # 28 finally ordered an X-RAY and my broken back. Was finally diagnosed. I was then sent to a retired neurosurgeon who advised at this delayed stage he didn’t think surgery would be of any benefit? He made10 recommendations for my rehabilitation which WCB denied. WCB Medical Consultant then wrote to the retired neurosurgeon stated I was in physiotherapy dong very good. ( another lie) He also stated (another lie) that @tiertary assessment I never complained about mid-back pain. ( It clearly states at Tiertary assessment I specifically complained about mid-back pain. ) I was again sent for assessment, and denied physical examination, then ramrodded into another physiotherapy program and suffered NEW INJURY, which of course WCB denied. Throughout my whole claim file, WCB has refused my physicians requests, warning, sending me back to work was unsafe for myself and the general public. In 11 years, 4 MRI scans were all improperly evaluated. ONLY after sending my MRI scans for 2nd opinion, were my workplace injuries properly evaluated. However, After doing extensive investigation, did I receive proper diagnosis, which of course WCB refuses to accept. WCB has blatantly fraudulently concealed the seriousness and extent of my workplace injuries, and deliberately used falsified medical / claim file information in JUDICIAL BOARD HEARING, Sask Justice refuses to investigate WCB Fraudulent Corruption….I guess our Government wants to protect WCB $1.9 billion dollar investment portfolio. Please follow us at Saskatchwan WCB crimes against injured workers. Peace Out.

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