Post-mastectomy Neuropathic Pain Cure – Lymph Node Transplants

Pain post mastectomy can be an important issue. Associated with the pain is swelling called lymphedema. Now it appears transplanting lymph nodes from the groin can resolve the pain and lymphedema

Breast. 2008 Oct;17(5):472-6. Epub 2008 May 1.
Postmastectomy neuropathic pain: Results of microsurgical lymph nodes
Becker C, Pham DN, Assouad J, Badia A, Foucault C, Riquet M.


Transplanting lymph nodes from groin using “microsurgical procedures” resolved pain in all and lymphedema in 5/6 cases. “Pain was relieved in all, permitting return to work and daily activity; analgesic medication was discontinued.”

Comment – guess those lymph nodes were doing more than realized… – now if we could just get the surgeons on board.

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  1. Marcie says:

    Is there any updated information on this procedure? I had double mastectomey in March of 2008 and I have continual pain in my armpits, and around the chest. I have tried all the usual remodies as reccomeded by my pain doctor but nothing has helped.

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