Strontium 89 in Breast and Prostate Cancer Metastatic Disease

With SR89 treatment, 72% of metastatic breast and prostate cancer patients reduced or stopped their opiates and/or analgesics – with relief lasting 3 months. Why aren’t they using it more?

Gan To Kagaku Ryoho. 2010 Oct;37(10):1868-1871.
[Pain Control for Bone Metastasis Using Radioactive Strontium.]
[Article in Japanese]
Yamaguchi K.   abstract here

  • 60 cases of metastatic cancer.
  • Didn’t work much in lung cancer
  • Worked well in breast and prostate cancer patients
  • 72% improvement with stopped or reduced painkillers lasting 3 month
  • Repeated doses could be used but decrease of hemoglobin, WBC, and platelets could be an issue
  • Contraindicated in Rapidly progressive disease cases, radiculopathy cases, and soft tissue invasion.

Comment – have a breast cancer metastatic case that was told they don’t use it in breast cancer – maybe they should reconsider. nike air max bw nike air max bw

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