Action Pain Support Group Regina New Home

At the Canadian Pain Society Meeting in Victoria, it was announced that (National) Action of People with chronic pain has a new chapter in Regina. Terry Bremner, President of Action Atlantic, negotiated transition of the Fibromyalgia support group in Regina to an Action chronic pain support group. They have a series of video tapes discussing a variety of pain concerns to help with pain discussion and education.

Regina contact: Elaine Torrie ph – 306 – 522-8686

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2 Responses to Action Pain Support Group Regina New Home

  1. Annie says:

    Many doctors need education about FMS being for real.
    Some shut off as soon as they hear FMS mentioned and seem to lose interest in the patient with it.
    You may then be dismissed as …one of those……
    Many times when seeing a Dr I fail to mention FMS for that reason
    Thank you

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have you ever heard of OPC3, a product from Market America, it is amazing for fibro.

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