Metformin May Augment Painkillers

Previously I wrote how metformin helps Fibromyalgia and Bipolar. It has anti-cancer properties and diabetics, just on it, live longer. Now in animal model it it cut analgesic needs by 56-73% in regard to ibuprofen, ASA, tramadol, and pregabalin in inflammatory induced pain. Is this drug great?

Anesth Analg. 2017 Apr;124(4):1317-1329. doi: 10.1213/ANE.0000000000001561.
Metformin Synergizes With Conventional and Adjuvant Analgesic Drugs to Reduce Inflammatory Hyperalgesia in Rats.
Pecikoza UB

  • rat hind paw was induced by an intraplantar injection of carrageenan
  • metformin cut analgesic needs by
    73 ± 4% for ibuprofen
    62 ± 4.2% for aspirin
    69 ± 5.9% for tramadol
    56 ± 3.9% for pregabalin

Comment – I think it is a great drug to be on and take myself even though not diabetic. I wonder if it would reduce tolerance to opioids…

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