Does Musculoskeletal Pain Cause Stress or Stress Cause the Pain -Studying People over time

A longitudinal – study – studying people before and subsequent to pains is the most reliable study format for figuring out what is going on.. What this study found was that it was the Musculosketal pain that caused the stress and not visa versa in most cases

Int Arch Occup Environ Health. 2015 Jul;88(5):607-12.
Is musculoskeletal pain a consequence or a cause of occupational stress? A
longitudinal study.
Bonzini M(1), Bertu’ L, Veronesi G, Conti M, Coggon D, Ferrario MM

  • 305 Italian nurses followed 1 year
  • Idea that stress caused problems was not found to be the usual pathway.
  • ” workers who report musculoskeletal pain are more likely to develop subsequent perceptions of stress. This may be because pain renders people less tolerant of the psychological demands of work. Another possibility is that reports of pain and stress are both manifestations of a general tendency to be aware of and complain about symptoms and difficulties.”

Comment – It is easy to ascribe people as being crazy and the pains a consequence of such.  It appears in the workplace, the pain oft comes first and stress an offshoot of the pain. airmaxofficiel airmaxofficiel

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