Drippy Nose and Nothing Helps? – Soak It With Botox (Botulinum)

Idiopathic rhinitis is a condition where the nose drips for no reason – it can be resistant to treatment though Botox has been found helpful

Head Face Med. 2009 Oct 16;5:18.
Minimally invasive application of botulinum toxin A in patients with idiopathic
Rohrbach S, Junghans K, Köhler S, Laskawi R.  free article here

  • Runny noses can affect 20% of the population and 20-50% of those is “idiopathic” – nonallergic and thought a hyperactivity of the nervous system
  • Sponge soaked with 40 u/ 1.5 mls Botox each nostril – compared with saline control
  • They used expanding sponges tied to strings – and must have got them in before they fully expanded (you can get these sponges at Radio Shack / Source – they are used with soldering irons.
  • The left them in 30 miinutes


It looks like a persistent 50% “cure” reduction:

Comment – Wow – persistent reduction in nasal discharge by 50% – didn’t help stuffiness though…

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