Given Vocational Advice to Chronic Pain Patients And terminating Coverage – The “You Could be A Funeral Director Scam”

Recent study of “disability pensioners” given vocational advice and brief cognitive behavioural program found it only got “negligible” amounts of people back to work. Terminating disability coverage, because vocational advice was given, is nothing more than a scam.

BMC Public Health. 2009 Nov 10;9(1):407
Long-term follow-up of disability pensioners having musculoskeletal disorders.
Magnussen LH, Strand LI, Skouen JS, Eriksen HR. abstract here

None of the cognitive-behavioural group returned to work, and only “2.3% …[of] participants from the RCT [randomized Clinical Trail] had reduced disability pension at 3-years follow-up”

Comment – a scam perpetrated by insurers is one where their victims are given a computerized program that is “supposed” to take into account their disability, and on the advice of job options, then terminate their coverage. The findings of the above study, even with cognitive-behavoural training, demonstrates this is unreasonable at best and dishonest at worse.

I wrote about it previously under:

Funeral_director_scam.doc – available (if you scroll 1/2 way down page) here

How many have had this scam foisted on them?

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