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Does “Success” of Psychological Treatments of Chronic Pain Need to be Taken With a Grain of Salt?

One of the problems defining chronic pain as a psychological condition, is the fact that psychological treatments have somewhat mediocre results. So when I find an article claiming results, I am suspicious. Here is an example:

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It’s Official – Swearing Helps Pain – but don’t overdo it

Pain Clinics are becoming very big into psychological coping – well, they better teach patients to swear more – as swearing has now shown to alleviate pain.

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Rehab – Forget Fear-Avoidance – Give Them Opioids

I have a picture that portrays my view of fear-avoidance:My perspective is that, in a good many of cases, everything is controlled by pain intensity. Some articles try to avoid the issue by saying “they just thought they were in … Continue reading

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Hypnosis in Chronic Pain

Hypnosis helps chronic pain and should be part of a chronic pain program, if not managed by mindfulness meditation.

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Meditation Reduces Pain’s Thalamic Firing

Transcendental Meditation can reduce thalamic response to pain by 40-50% – highlighting how relaxation training needs to be an integral part of chronic pain treatment

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