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Unresolved Whiplash? – Look for Shoulder Impingment.

11/220 cases of whiplash, examined medico-legally for non-resolution, had comorbid subacromial impingment, many of which had been missed. This adds to the growing legion of real problems missed in whiplash cases.

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WCB Suggestions

I have had some pleas about how to deal with case workers. Worker’s advocate, media, and politicians are impotent because of thier lack of medical knowledge. There is potentially some loose end they don’t know about that could make all … Continue reading

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I have received various concerns about WCB, many angry. There are some precedent judgements passed that may help.

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WCB troubles – What Needs to Be Done?

I have received a variety of letters condemning high handed techniques by WCB. I read the letter below with a sense of sadness. I can’t imagine the desolation involved in living with chronic pain and dealing with the system. I … Continue reading

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Exercise Rehab Programs by Themselves Worthless? – Evidence Snuffed?? and How does One Get an Unbiased Appraisal of Disability?

Cochrane reviews withdrew a review on rehab programs that questioned any validity to programs that do not have full multidisciplinary approaches. One wonders if this was pressure from Functional restoration business – who would not like that presented

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Functional Capacity Accessment for Neck Risky and Unverified

In May 2007, was published a review of FCE of the neck. Their analysis found: “At this moment, however, no validated performance based instrument has been described in literature.” They also found various necks tests were not without danger.

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WCB Report Files

I made a presentation to the Saskatchwan Workmans Compensation Review Panel. Their report left out much of what I had to say so I am putting it here: 1) Case workers make patients worse and obstruct medical care: dangerous.doc One … Continue reading

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CARP Conference Slides

Presentation at Canadian Association of Rehabilitation Professionals June 2007. Summation (version 1) here: Power points are here. 1) Disc disease(especially chronic) can often not be imaged and the worst chronic cases just show disc bulges. Disc disease and sciatica is … Continue reading

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